Ceramic Tile Murals

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Ceramic Tile Murals

Custom printed ceramic mural tiles

Technology has taken tiles to a new level. Indeed, images can be segmented and fused into one or more tiles thanks to the latest printing technology and digital manipulation of art and photography. Indeed, Deco Manufacturing Ltd, offers a new concept of custom printed tiles ideal for domestic and commercial living spaces Size is not a limitation thus offering unlimited options to architects, designers and other key professionals in the field.


Deco Custom printed Ceramic Tiles offers the possibility to print directly on tiles.  Images, designs or logos are enlarged to the size requested by client and divided into the number of tiles that fit into the area desired. The artwork is printed on sublimation paper following which all tiles are decorated one by one and subsequently exposed to high temperatures.

The tiles for print need to be white with a sublimation coating and are available in various sizes namely;

203x304 mm
203x254 mm
203x203 mm
108x108 mm
152x152 mm
152x203 mm 

The printed tiles are durable and can be washed only with water and soap. The tiles are to be used indoors and not in areas exposed to direct sunlight.


Since a tile is durable by design, most tile murals can be used almost anywhere. Wall Murals are best displayed in restaurants, bars, coffee shops, kitchen back splashes, amenity blocks, stairways, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, foyers, libraries or receptions. Our procedures are based on our best knowledge for the optimum productivity and quality. 


Ceramic Tile Murals are produced via sublimation, the same process that is used to print on porcelain. For one to experience detail in a mural, the image or photo should be in high resolution which can be selected from our collection or even from your own personal photos.


Easy to clean
Sharp Image
Scratch Proof
Long Lasting

Restaurant murals

Restaurant Tile Murals transform a plain wall into a major focal point with our collection of decorative tiles.  Our Ceramic Tile Murals are the Key to your decor projects. Use them to embellish, create drama and style to your walls.

Shower tiles

The shower is one of the most overlooked feature in a new bathroom. Of course we want fancy fixtures and great water pressure, but why not integrate bathroom wall art into a shower? Obviously you can’t hang a painting or print in a shower, but ceramic tile murals are the next Best thing.

Bathroom tiles

Most people don’t think of Bathroom Tile Murals when they are thinking about bathroom tile decor. Our beautiful Bathroom Tile Murals offer a unique alternative to traditional bathroom wall art.