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Wonderwall Frames

Deco Manufacturing Ltd. are proud to introduce "Wonderwall Frames" where making memories has never been this fun.

This new innovative framing product in Malta allows the customer to be as creative and flexible as possible. This frame collection includes a set of six different sizes with five different colours which are very easy to mix and match and at the same time very easy to assemble in different shapes and layouts. Wonderwall Frames are ideal for any form of Photographic events such as Weddings, Family activities, get together, special occasions and also building your own family tree.

By means of an easy clip mounted from the back one can purchase the Wonderwall Frames gradually. The sizes of the Photos used for the Wonderwall frames are all standard and this makes the product universal. The colours that Deco uses for the Wonderwall are the most practical and long lasting colours in the Malta framing and art market. Colours available are Red, White, Black, Silver and Dark Brown.