Ideas and Inspirations

Choosing Your Frame

Deco stocks hundreds of quality frames in different woods, styles, colors, and finishes. At Deco we are trained in the “rules” of how to choose an appropriate frame. Here are some of the things that we will keep in mind as we work with you on your project. Read more...

Size – It’s important to select a moulding of the appropriate width. A moulding that’s too narrow can look like an afterthought and be structurally unsound. Your frame should physically and visually support the weight of the art without being overpowering.

Style - The colour, subject matter, and tone of your art will all point you toward an appropriate selection of frames. The frame should continue to carry the “message” of the art. The décor of the room in which the piece will hang should also act as a guide.

Type - Wood frames will look good on almost any piece of art. We offer a wide selection of frames crafted from domestic woods such as walnut, cherry, oak, ash, basswood, poplar, and pine as well as select, high-quality imported varieties and eco-friendly options. Stained wood can be plain, carved, simple or ornate. And, many wood frames are available in lacquer finishes, faux finishes, and gold or sliver leaf.

Choosing Your Mount

Mats are more than a decoration; they protect the surface of the art and keep it from lying directly against the glass. To decide which mats to use, look to the colors in your art for inspiration. Using multiple mats will add beauty and depth to the finished piece. Read more...

Here are a few basic rules:

  • Dark colors tend to contain the art, while light colours tend to expand it.

  • Mats should be approximately twice as wide as the frame width. In a multiple mat combination, that means the top mat.

  • Vary the amount showing on each mat in multiple mat combinations to balance the colors in the art.

  • The top mat can be whatever color is predominant in the art. You can also use a neutral top mat with lower mats as accent colours.